Box Savigni: il gusto su misura per te.

Box Savigni: taste tailored for you.

The holiday season is quickly approaching and with it comes the opportunity to
surprise your loved ones with special and unforgettable gifts. This year, the Savigni butcher's shop offers an extraordinary way to do so: the Savigni Boxes dedicated to Christmas .

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What are Savigni Boxes?

The Savigni Boxes, practical and tailor-made for you, are everything you need to eat well and be happy.
There is one for every taste and need, you choose your favorite and that's it
we think.

Which Christmas Boxes can you choose?

Savigni offers you a shopper and three types of boxes dedicated to Christmas:
1. Christmas Shopper , a uniquely designed shopper containing a selection of
delicious products is the perfect gift for anyone who loves experimenting with authentic flavours.
2.Savigni Christmas Box , an exceptional gift that contains a variety of
culinary delicacies. This box is ideal for those who want to prepare an explosion of flavors during the Christmas period.
3. Large Christmas Box , if you are looking for a Christmas gift that you leave
a lasting impression, the Savigni Large Christmas Box is just what you need. This box is perfect for those who love traditional Christmas cuisine and want to share special moments with their loved ones.
4. Savigni Plus Christmas Box , This is the ultimate choice for fans of
Kitchen. This box includes everything you will find in the Large Christmas Box, but with an even wider selection of high quality gastronomic products. It is the perfect solution for those who want to give a complete culinary experience.

In addition to the boxes dedicated to Christmas, Savigni offers you four other types of boxes:
1. Savigni tasting box , a selection of our meat products.
2. Single-portion boxes with our selected and controlled meat cured meats.
3. BBQ box perfect for a tasty barbecue to remember and share.
4. Savigni Box with which you can savor all the goodness and taste
Savigni, because inside you will find not only cured meats and fresh products, but also a jar of creamed pork lard, ideal for delighting your palate and stimulating ideas for new recipes.

Each of these "magic boxes" is specifically designed to amaze and amaze you, and this is why they are also excellent gift ideas to surprise friends with a selection of delicious products. So, if you are looking for an original gift for next Christmas, consider the Savigni Boxes to make the holidays even more special and tasty.
Experiment and enjoy with our meat! The boxes are strong!

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