Meat is strong!

The passion is strong.

It is the lymph that makes you grow every day
the branches towards the sky.

The family is strong.

It is the firm root that keeps your feet firmly planted on the ground and that allows your gaze to seek and challenge new horizons.

The work is strong.

It's the desire to continue growing
and to improve without losing sight of the values ​​taught and learned. It is a universe of possibilities that opens before your eyes and becomes a sincere and real reality. The Savignis made and made a promise many years ago and continue to keep it every day.

The attention is strong.

The Savigni meat is good, genuine, 100% Italian. Thanks to a breeding system that is based on respect - for times, ways, life - and on attention to every detail. Animal welfare that is not a cliché but a reality to be touched and experienced. Everyday.

  • Fausto

  • Paola

  • Miletus

  • Nicholas


Meat is a matter of the heart.

It was 1985 when the love story between the Savignis and the butcher's profession began. It is on the Porrettana road in Pavana that the shop from which everything starts opens. And in that shop it is still the hands of father Fausto and his sons Nicolò and Mileto who cut, prepare and serve, while mother Paola follows the laboratory and certifies the quality. The Savigni are meat artisans and, like any artisan worthy of the name, they know a lot about meat.

This is why we say that Savigni is the agricultural butcher's shop.

The rhythms - of breeding, of the growth of the animal, of the processing and maturing of the cured meats - are those of the farmyard, in a familiar and familiar dimension, made up of genuine flavors and human relationships. A sincere kindness that doesn't need mincing words, it's the gestures that speak. This is how Savigni bets on the future by focusing on tradition and authentic flavours. A return to the origins that becomes a springboard for new adventures that perhaps take them away from Pavana, even if the mind is always there.

Because the heart is strong.


    Pavana (Sambuca Pistoiese) Via Nazionale 43

    Porretta Terme (BO) via Roma 34/I (Coop Substation tunnel)