When the idea turns into an ideal.

The pigs: Cinte Senesi and Rustici Sambucani.

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Cattle: Chianina, Piemontese, Limousine.

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Poultry: Valdarno chickens, Robusta Lionata and Maculata,
Livornese, Emellinata from Rovigo and Pepoi.

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All different, but with a strong idea that binds them: to return to a breeding system that guarantees slow and natural growth and the well-being of the animal. An example? When they reach 60/90 days, the pigs born on the farm are left free inside the WWF oasis of Dynamo Camp and move around hunting for acorns, chestnuts, berries and truffles.
A more than biological method that has allowed the Savigni to safeguard the existence of rare and native breeds at risk of extinction. The result? The Consortium of local Cinta Senese breeders - of which the Savigni family is also a member - requested and obtained DOP certification. DOP for the products, DOP for the animal. The choice is to return to a more rustic dimension, outside the constraints of intensive farming, respecting the animal and its times.

The idea is good. The ideal is strong!

In pink
there is green.

The Tuscan-Emilian Apennines, for starters.
Woods and meadows, leaves and grass.
The environment is fundamental and the one in which the Savigni live is the real one, with the seasons that make themselves felt, with the good water of Porretta and the clear water of Lake Suviana, with extended times and a green that over the course of the months it changes, shines, fades, until it becomes splendid again when it's its time. The Savigni production cycle is a closed production cycle that takes place outdoors as much as possible, because the animal that grazes in the wild is healthier and its meat is better, without a doubt. A logical and organic choice, which does not allow exceptions other than some additions with selected feeds in the winter months. Animals want air, forests and fields.
Those of Savigni even have a WWF oasis in which to graze. This is also why their goodness is all natural.

Green is strong!


Tell it in words
it is not easy.
There is so much to say, but the best thing is to taste.

The best thing is to try a delicacy from Savigni, the one you prefer and perhaps know or one you have never tasted. And then perhaps words will not be needed, because good things are good even on their own and there is no need to tell you about the tradition, passion, wisdom and experience of those who have come a long way. Or perhaps instead you want to listen to this story and learn about this road, which goes from here to here and even further.

The flavor is strong!

  • The value of commitment.

    To raise pigs and cattle, as well as to process meat and cured meats, passion, experience and commitment are obviously fundamental. Doing so while respecting all the standards and values ​​that have always guided the Savignis' choices requires an extra effort. This is why they are proud of their certifications. And they are right.


It's time to taste.

Let's get our hands straight: what you are about to read and see will make your mouth water. Now we present to you all the Savigni's seasoned products, prepared, kneaded, bagged and seasoned all in their laboratory. Then don't say we didn't warn you!

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How hungry!

Seasoned products always make an impression, but Savigni's cooked products are no different either. Just look at cooked ham to understand that we are talking about real ham, really cooked. Besides, pigs don't have square legs, right?

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In a pan or on the grill.

Whether you are in Pavana in their shop or in one of the sales points that stock Savigni raw products, we advise you to ask for advice and trust who you have in front of you. The real butcher knows how to enhance each cut with the right preparation and recipe. And with Savigni you can be on the safe side.

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    Pavana (Sambuca Pistoiese) Via Nazionale 43