Come realizzare una Grigliata perfetta!

How to make a perfect grill!

We know it well, summer means colours, smells and flavours... of GRILLING ! With the arrival of the summer, our desire to spend time (al fresco) with our loved ones increases and what better occasion than a nice barbecue! For us at Savigni , grilling is a unique and universal art, which is why today we want to reveal 5 secrets to make this moment among the tastiest of the summer and beyond!

The first step, even before lighting the fire, is to decide whether to grill with charcoal or wood . If you want to give your meat a hint of smoke, then what's right for you is wood. Instead you have to choose charcoal if you are looking for a more flavored flavor.

Step 2: the non-negligible importance of the quality of the meat. Being the main ingredient you absolutely cannot afford to give up its quality. A good raw material will make you the king and queen of the grill!

Now you are ready for the third step: the seasoning ! To make your flab tasty you cannot ignore this step. If your grill is pork -based, always remember to reheat the marinade before sprinkling it on the meat. Savigni recommends marinating the pork with oil, garlic (if you like it), salt and rosemary.

Fourth step: heat the plate on which the meat will be placed, so as to always keep the meat warm.

Finally, fifth and final step: cutting the meat! This must occur following rapid cooling (of about a minute) of the grilled product. This will make everything more succulent and tasty .

Macelleria Savigni wants to give you an important, or rather very important, piece of advice: grill with love and love grilling . Nothing is better than what is made with passion. Just like us, who take care of all our products with love. Go to our shop to discover the Savigni world of organic goodness .

The grill is strong!

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