Il Panettone Salato di Manuel Maiorano in collaborazione con Savigni: un Connubio Eccellente tra Tradizione e Innovazione con la nostra "Cinta Senese D.O.P."

Manuel Maiorano's Savory Panettone in collaboration with Savigni: an excellent combination of tradition and innovation with our "Cinta Senese DOP"

Manuel Maiorano, a renowned, award-winning chef known for his mastery of contemporary pizzeria, has collaborated with our company to create a savory panettone that is out of the ordinary. The choice to use "Cinta Senese DOP" as the main ingredient represents a bold step towards gastronomic innovation, highlighting the ability to reinvent the classics in a contemporary key.

Cinta Senese is a typical specialty of the Tuscan gastronomic tradition, and its protected designation of origin (DOP) attests to its authenticity and quality: this fine zero-mile meat gives the savory panettone a unique and unmistakable richness of flavours. The choice to use a DOP product,  Furthermore,  underlines the commitment to valorising local excellence and promoting a sustainable economy .

Manuel Maiorano's savory panettone represents a perfect combination of Christmas tradition and gastronomic innovation. While sweet panettone has always been the protagonist of festive tables, this savory variant offers itself as a surprising alternative, capable of conquering the most refined and adventurous palates. The "Cinta Senese DOP" adds a touch of elegance and authenticity, transforming a traditional dish into an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

Our choice to collaborate with Manuel Maiorano for the creation of savory panettone demonstrates our openness to innovation and the desire to push the boundaries of tradition, we could not ignore his request to involve us in this project. The "Cinta Senese DOP" ,  together with Pecorino di Grotta and a crumble of Taggiasca olives, it gives the savory panettone not only an extraordinary taste but also an ethical value, promoting sustainable and responsible production.

Manuel Maiorano and Savigni's savory panettone is destined to become a culinary icon, bringing a breath of fresh air to Christmas celebrations and winning the hearts of lovers of good food.

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