La giardiniera di Siria

The gardener of Syria

Dear friends and customers of the Savigni Butchery,

do you know the delicious Giardiniera from our Syria? A unique creation, an accompaniment designed to enhance the flavor of our fine cuts.

The Giardiniera di Syrian is the result of the passion and dedication of Syria, who created this recipe to offer a perfect accompaniment to our meats. Made with fresh vegetables from local producers, the Giardiniera di Syrian reflects the values ​​of our butcher's shop: quality, freshness and respect for the territory.

The vegetables used are carefully selected, washed, cooked and processed by hand in our laboratory. This artisanal process guarantees not only the highest quality of the product, but also the preservation of the authentic flavor of the vegetables. Each jar of Giardiniera is the result of meticulous attention and processing that follows traditional methods, without the use of industrial preservatives.

Even the packaging of the Giardiniera di Syrian is done in an artisanal way. Each jar is prepared with love and care, to ensure that the product arrives on your table with all its organoleptic characteristics intact. This attention to detail makes our Giardiniera not only an excellent accompaniment to meats, but also a product that tells a story of passion and tradition.

La Giardiniera di Syrian is designed to enrich the gastronomic experience of our customers. Its fresh and crunchy notes blend perfectly with the juiciness of our meats, creating a balance of flavors that enhances every bite. It is ideal for accompanying grilled, roasted and boiled meats, offering a touch of freshness and

liveliness to your dishes and can also be an excellent solution for your summer aperitifs.

We invite you to try the Giardiniera di Syrian and discover the difference that an artisanal product can make. Our butcher's shop is proud to offer its customers products that respect the rhythms of nature and the traditions of our territory. We are confident that you will appreciate the quality and authenticity of this new addition to our offering.

Come and visit us to taste the Giardiniera di Syrian and let yourself be won over by its unique flavour. We bring only the genuine taste of our lands to your table.

With love,
The Savigni butcher's shop

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