Per San Valentino “La Passione è Forte” con la nostra Box dedicata agli innamorati

For Valentine's Day "Passion is Strong" with our Box dedicated to lovers

Love is in the air and Valentine's Day is imminent...

Passion is our driving force, and precisely in view of this special occasion, we have created the delicious Savigni Box "Passion is Strong" , designed specifically for the Valentine's Day.

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- Why is "La Passione è Forte" ideal for Valentine's Day?
- What does our Box contain?

Why is "La Passione è Forte" ideal for Valentine's Day?

We have put our hearts into it since 1985, when the love story between the Savignis and the butcher's profession began.

We are first of all a family of artisans, the family dimension is the root that allows us to challenge new horizons: " The Family is Strong" , like our passion.

Our meat is good, authentic and follows the natural rhythms of the farmyard: from breeding to the growth of the animals, from processing to curing the cured meats, each phase is permeated with authenticity, flavors and human relationships.
In our special Valentine's Day Box we put all this, together with our best products.

What does our Box contain?

Our fantastic Valentine's Day Box contains:

  • 1 jar of “Cinta Senese DOP” Lard Cream with Pork

  • 2 x 130 g of organic beef steak prepared with a knife

  • 4 x 290 g of Organic Sambucano Pork Skewer

    Perfect for 2 People!

    We warn you that our Lard Cream can be addictive. You can enjoy it on warm bread, or in a crescentina: it has a truly unique and irresistible flavour. Not to mention the Organic Beef Battuta, made only with natural aromas prepared strictly by hand, an explosion of aromas.

    Finally, what about the Sambucano Pork Skewer: pulp and sausage from pigs raised in the mountains, firm, tasty meat and unique softness. Perfect grilled, also excellent in a casserole or baked.
    We have carefully selected these products for a special occasion, choose the atmosphere you prefer, we are sure there is everything you need for a meal to remember!

    Discover our “Passion is Strong” Box, perfect for two people... who love each other.

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