Ritmi Naturali e Gusti Straordinari: Il Mondo di Savigni

Natural Rhythms and Extraordinary Tastes: The World of Savigni

The commitment of Macelleria Savigni goes beyond the production of high quality meat.

The focus is on ethics and sustainability . Our commitment is not limited to simply offering the highest quality products, but extends to the entire production chain, from the farm to the counter of our butcher's shop.

The choice is to return to a more rustic dimension, outside the constraints of
intensive farming, respecting the animal and its times.

What does it mean?

Breeding takes place in open spaces , where the animals have adequate space to move peacefully and are fed with a controlled and balanced diet because their natural growth is respected.

What does it entail?

It is precisely this meticulous attention that allows the meats we bring to your tables to reach high quality standards in terms of authenticity and flavour .

Respect for the biological rhythms of animals and the use of strictly natural foods translate into superior quality , guaranteeing the authenticity and excellence of the final product.

Our commitment!

This commitment to an ethical approach to breeding not only promotes the
quality of the meat, but also represents a commitment to an ethical consumption
aware , supporting the goodness and authenticity of the meats offered to

With Savigni, you don't just choose high quality and goodness products, but you immerse yourself in
a world in which the natural rhythms linked to breeding, animal growth and
production of cured meats are not just words, but a promise that translates into
authentic flavors .

This is our commitment, this is our passion: offering authentic flavors and
quality food, keeping tradition alive with an unfamiliar ethic

However, if you are curious to know the story behind each delicacy, we are ready
to open the doors of our tradition to you, sharing the path that goes beyond
conscious production!

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