Sapori Natalizi: Ricette Esclusive con i Tesori Biologici di Savigni

Christmas Flavours: Exclusive Recipes with the Organic Treasures of Savigni

The holiday season is approaching and with it the magic of bringing family and friends together around tables laden with delicacies and culinary traditions.

Are you looking for some recipes to amaze your guests on Christmas Day?
The Savigni boxes with their high quality and 100% organic products are the perfect choice to delight the palates of your guests.

Here are some irresistible Christmas recipes that you can prepare using some of the products in the boxes .

To open your lunch, we offer you the inevitable Rustic Bread Crostini with Cinta Senese PDO Pork Patè . Accompanied by crusty bread, this course is a hymn to tradition, a perfect way to start the party with an explosion of taste.

For the centerpiece of your Christmas lunch, we suggest creating a dish with wild boar ragù , a rich and tasty condiment that can be used in many recipes to create delicious dishes such as a nice plate of tagliatelle with wild boar ragù. The result of slow cooking, it reaches perfection, giving a taste experience that conquers the hearts of lovers of good food.

We close our gastronomic journey with the Arista Cotta Sambucana Marinated in Chestnut Beer . This dish boasts the tenderness of the pork loin, enhanced by the enveloping Sambuca marinade and the robust character of the Chestnut Beer. A marriage of flavors that pays homage to Christmas cuisine with a contemporary touch.

If there's one thing cooking teaches us, it's that the quality of ingredients is the key to creating truly extraordinary dishes . With our Boxes dedicated to Christmas we immerse ourselves in a world of delicious and genuine flavours, celebrating the culinary art with 100% organic high quality products.

Discover our selection of Christmas Boxes and let yourself be tempted by our options to give as a gift or enjoy the authentic flavor of meat in this magical Christmas season!

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